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For on-site or remote site medical assistance, OI offers many solutions, to include, assistance with staffing medical professionals, guidance on basic first aid administration, medical directives & protocols, 24-7 on-call physician services for medical personnel, substance abuse testing, annual evaluations, emergency response training, injury reporting, and record-keeping, assistance with providing medical supplies and equipment, safety meeting participation by OI providers, emergency vehicles, firefighter services, full functioning medical facilities, and telemedicine.

  • Staff medical professionals
    Physician’s | Physician Assistant’s | Nurse Practioner’s | Paramedics | Athletic Trainer’s | Medical Specialists |
  • Basic first aid administration
  • Medical directives & protocols
    Occucare may provide medical protocols, as well as, safety programs, safety training, and safety directives through our partnership with Compliance Safety Consulting.
  • 24/7 on-call services
    Occucare’s occupational physicians are available 365 days a year to take all of your medical calls.
  • On-site substance abuse testing
  • On-site annual evaluations
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Injury reporting/record keeping
    Occucare’s HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Records system may be utilized for all on-site projects.
  • Medical supplies/equipment
    Occucare may assist with purchasing medical equipment and supplies needed for the completion of the project.
  • Safety meetings & toolbox talks
    Occucare medical professionals may conduct site visits to participate in toolbox talks and safety meetings.
  • On-site medical emergency vehicle
    Occucare may provide fully suited ambulances and Emergency Rescue Team vehicles.
  • On-site Fire Fighter services
    Occucare may staff Emergency Response Team members, including certified Firefighters and Paramedics, as well as, place fully suited Firefighter vehicles on-site.
  • Develop Onsite medical facility
    Occucare may provide full build-out or placement of mobile trailers for purposes of on-site medical facilities.
  • Telemedicine

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