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Occucare Clinical Services

Occucare International currently has five brick-n-mortar occupational medical clinics throughout Southeast Texas and the largest Occupational medical facility in the UAE. We also work with occupational medical affiliates worldwide to provide clinical services regardless of location.

  • Custom Pre-employment Exams

    In addition to ‘hands-on ‘ physical evaluations, all examinations are customizable. When building your protocols, you may choose to add any of the services that Occucare has to offer.
  • DOT Exams

    Occucare complies with current DOT standards.
  • Hazardous Exposure

    Asbestos | Benzene | Silica | Lead | HAZMAT | Aniline | Cadmium |
  • Firefighter Medical’s

    Occucare complies with NPFA 1582 standards.
  • Department of Defense Deployment

    USCENTCOM MOD 13 Exams provided globally
  • Respiratory Fit Testing

    Please Note: Due to COVID-19, employees must bring their own mask for fit testing.
    Half face and full face masks available. Patients may also bring their own mask for testing. Physician’s Written Opinion and Respiratory Questionnaire review available.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing

    Please Note: Due to COVID-19, PFT testing will be done on an as-needed basis, regulated by the OI providers.
    Physician’s Written Opinion and Respiratory Questionnaire review available.
  • Audiometric Testing

    Meets OSHA 29 CFR | hearing conservation programs
  • Substance Abuse Programs

    Substance Abuse Programs are completely customizable, including urine collections, saliva collections, hair follicle testing, blood work, and breath alcohol testing. Occucare is affiliated with third-party services, such as DISA & ASAP.
  • Travel Consolations

    Full travel consult, to include discussion on medical concerns in all areas to which you will be traveling, preventative measures, and necessary vaccines as recommended by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC).
  • Laboratory Testing

    All laboratory panels are customizable. Some locations have full onsite laboratory capabilities.
  •  EKG & Stress Testing

  • Vaccine Administration

  • Vision Screening

    Snellen | Jager | Ishihara | Depth perception | Lantern Test | Field of vision
  • Fitness Evaluations

    Customizable based on the job description and physician analysis.
  • Return to Work/Fit for Duty

  • After-hours injury care

    Occucare offers a 24/7 after-hours service, available to all clients.
  • X-ray

    Full X-ray and certified X-ray technician available at each Occucare clinic location.

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Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday7.30 am – 4.30 pm CST
Saturday - SundayClosed
Holidays Closed

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