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Occucare International is a worldwide elite emergency service provider dedicated to supporting and protecting our client’s employees and interests. Our experienced Emergency Response Team members have responded to all types of emergencies throughout many different industry sites including industrial refineries, pipelines, and marine facilities.


We also staff a team of highly qualified FAA licensed drone pilots with years of service in search and rescue, post-fire disaster assessment, nondestructive testing, scene monitoring, orthomosaic survey-grade mapping, and tank inspections.

Our training has developed the highest qualified advanced Emergency Response Team members in: 

  • Advanced Industrial Exterior Firefighting
  • Advanced Industrial Interior Firefighting
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Confined Space and High Angle Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Oil Spill Emergency Response

(All Training Meets or Exceeds OSHA Regulations, NFPA Standards, and/or Other Applicable Standards and/or Licensing Requirements)

Email sales@occucareinternational.com or your account representative today for more information.

Additional Emergency Response Services 

ñ          Industrial fire standby services for hot work and other hazardous work

ñ          Industrial confined space and high angle rescue standby services

ñ          Emergency medical standby services with Paramedic, EMT-I, EMT-B or ECA trained personnel

ñ          Atmospheric monitoring services for hot work and confined space entry 

ñ          Confined space portal attendant services 

ñ          Industrial field safety personnel

ñ          Industrial turnaround and maintenance safety services 

ñ          Industrial Fire Prevention and Protection Inspections/Audits/Reviews

ñ          Fire, Safety and Health Policy/Procedure Development, Reviews and Revisions

ñ          Respirator fit testing and medical evaluations

ñ          Emergency Response Team (ERT) physicals

ñ          Fire and safety equipment inspection, testing and maintenance (IT&M)

o   Monthly fire extinguisher inspections

o   Monthly SCBA inspections

o   Other respiratory equipment inspections

o   Fixed fire monitor inspections, flushing, and lubrication maintenance

o   Fire hydrant inspections, flushing, and lubrication maintenance

o   Firewater system valve inspections and lubrication maintenance

o   Atmospheric tank foam chamber and piping external inspections

o   Miscellaneous firefighting equipment inspections and maintenance such as fire hose, fire nozzles, portable monitors, adapters, fittings, etc.  

o   Fire, rescue, hazmat, EMS apparatus inventory inspections

o   Fire pump inspections, test running and pre/post-operation checks

o   Hydro-foam station inspections

o   Bulk firefighting foam container inspections and foam testing 

o   Smoke alarm inspections, testing and battery maintenance

o   Rescue equipment inspection and maintenance

o   Hazmat equipment inspection and maintenance 

o   Emergency medical equipment inspection and maintenance

o   Emergency lighting inspections and testing

o   Elevator recall and firefighter operation testing

o   AED inspections, testing and battery maintenance

o   First aid kit inspections and maintenance

o   Building life safety inspections


ñ          AED user training

ñ          CPR training

ñ          Basic first aid training

ñ          Incident Command System (ICS) Training

ñ          National Incident Management (NIMS) 100, 200, 700 and 800 Level Training

ñ          National Incident Management (NIMS) 300 and 400 Level Training (Future)

ñ          Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Awareness and Operations Level   

ñ          Training

ñ          Hazardous Communication (HazCom) Training

ñ          Respiratory Protection User Training

ñ          Hot Work Awareness Training

ñ          Confined Space Awareness Training

ñ          Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Awareness Training

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Saturday - SundayClosed
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