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Jeff Goodrich | Independence Excavating

February 2021

Occucare is excited to announce the February, Injury Management Excellence Award to Jeff Goodrich with Independence Excavating!

Jeff Goodrich is the head of Independence Excavating’s special projects field crew in the Cleveland Ohio area where their focus is to work with their partnering company, Independence Construction, to handle all of the smaller interior construction projects from the carpentry and general requirements perspective.


Jeff Goodrich is an excellent Safety Manager. In a recent case, prior to calling Occucare, Jeff Initiated appropriate and successful first aid care. He provided a strong and precise case presentation to include a thorough hand and wrist exam, which was already performed by himself prior to calling. He showed a great understanding of the supplies needed and the manner of dressing the wound. Jeff’s exceptional work and attention to the case in reference contributed to the injury remaining a first aid and without any complications, limitations, or impairments. Jeff Goodrich showed initiative, confidence, experience, and due diligence in his role in this case. I look forward to working with him in the future!

– Kellum Tice, N.P.

Matt Tabor | Barnhart

January 2021

Occucare is excited to announce the January, Injury Management Excellence Award to Matt Tabor with Barnhart!

Matt Tabor began his career with Barnhart in July of 2020, where he was asked to help create a new more compliance-based safety culture. In order to accomplish this, he states that he has “to understand that no two people are the same. In safety, we have to figure out how to get someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do, and make them want to do it for the right reasons. You have to connect with people on different levels and you have to start from the top.” Matt Tabor is currently working on a project in Update New York where he and his team are working to erect 20 wind turbines, 15 of which are some of the largest on-shore turbines in the world.

“Matt Tabor has shown excellent communication skills and attention to detail.  He always follows-up as promised.  He demonstrates compassion and concern for the employee while balancing the risk management aspects as well. It’s very nice to work with a safety professional that’s so  well rounded.”

– Dr. Ricky McShane

“It has been a pleasure to work with Matthew Tabor from an administrative standpoint from the day Barnhart Engineers & Constructors joined our medical direction family. His strong communication skills and personalized attention to each case makes him an exceptional safety manager. Our team of administrators and providers have all been consistently impressed with his devotion to Occucare’s injury management program and we are excited to continue working alongside him in 2021.”

– Caylie Sampson, General Manager of Medical Direction

Curtis Reed, Jr. | White Construction

December 2020

Occucare is excited to announce the December, Injury Management Excellence Award to Curtis Reed, Jr. with White Construction!

Curtis Reed Jr. has been working with Renewable energy for around three years and has been with White Construction for almost 1.5 years. During his duration in the Mid-West, he has worked on five wind projects.

“Occucare is honoring Curtis with this award due to his excellent injury management on a recent case. He did a terrific job at distilling anxieties surrounding coworkers, he initiated necessary first aid measures prior to calling, he had all of the supplies available to him out and ready prior to calling, and he followed instructions very well and was also able to reassure the employee during our first follow-up call, which kept the injury at a first aid level with no lost time.”

– Kellum Tice, N.P.

Brenden Holm | Granite Construction

November 2020

Occucare is excited to announce the November, Injury Management Excellence Award to Brenden Holm with Granite Construction!

Brenden has worked with Granite for just over one year, and states that he “had a very strong team helping me[him] throughout the process to ensure we[they] could get the best help for the employee.”

“I recently had a case which originally appeared to be a serious injury, however, due to the quick response by the Safety Specialist, Brenden Holm, a bad decision on treatment was avoided. The safety specialist was able to properly assess the injury and immediately began first aid care while making sure that the employee was comfortable. Due to Brenden’s excellent attention to detail and quick action we were able to avoid a recordable injury.”

– Dr. George Brown

Josh Hernandez | Baker Concrete

October 2020

Occucare is excited to announce the first recipient of the Occucare Safety Excellence Award to Josh Hernandez with Baker Concrete!

“We would like to recognize Josh Hernandez with Baker Concrete for his exceptional handling of a recent job site injury. He is the recipient of Occucare’s monthly Injury Management Award. He demonstrated all the critical skills needed to provide proper care to the injured employee. He called Occucare at the time of the injury without delay. He communicated in detail, clearly, and often. He listened to directions from Occucare and demonstrated good wound care skills. He followed-up routinely and provided photos and clear status updates until the finger injury had fully resolved. Through the partnership between Josh, Occucare Medical Providers, and the injured employee, this case demonstrates a perfect example of how good teamwork can provide optimal outcomes for all parties involved. Thanks again to Josh Hernandez for a job well done.”
– Dr. Ricky McShane