January 2021, Injury Management Excellence Award, Matt Tabor, Barnhart

Matt Tabor | Barnhart

January 2021

Occucare is excited to announce the JanuaryInjury Management Excellence Award to Matt Tabor with Barnhart!

Matt Tabor began his career with Barnhart in July of 2020, where he was asked to help create a new more compliance-based safety culture. In order to accomplish this, he states that he has “to understand that no two people are the same. In safety, we have to figure out how to get someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do, and make them want to do it for the right reasons. You have to connect with people on different levels and you have to start from the top.” Matt Tabor is currently working on a project in Update New York where he and his team are working to erect 20 wind turbines, 15 of which are some of the largest on-shore turbines in the world.

“Matt Tabor has shown excellent communication skills and attention to detail.  He always follows-up as promised.  He demonstrates compassion and concern for the employee while balancing the risk management aspects as well. It’s very nice to work with a safety professional that’s so  well rounded.”

– Dr. Ricky McShane

“It has been a pleasure to work with Matthew Tabor from an administrative standpoint from the day Barnhart Engineers & Constructors joined our medical direction family. His strong communication skills and personalized attention to each case makes him an exceptional safety manager. Our team of administrators and providers have all been consistently impressed with his devotion to Occucare’s injury management program and we are excited to continue working alongside him in 2021.”

– Caylie Sampson, General Manager of Medical Direction