Safety Excellence Award | Curtis Reed, Jr. | White Construction

Occucare is excited to announce the DecemberInjury Management Excellence Award to Curtis Reed, Jr. with White Construction!

Curtis Reed Jr. has been working with Renewable energy for around three years and has been with White Construction for almost 1.5 years. During his duration in the Mid-West, he has worked on five wind projects.

“Occucare is honoring Curtis with this award due to his excellent injury management on a recent case. He did a terrific job at distilling anxieties surrounding coworkers, he initiated necessary first aid measures prior to calling, he had all of the supplies available to him out and ready prior to calling, and he followed instructions very well and was also able to reassure the employee during our first follow-up call, which kept the injury at a first aid level with no lost time.”

– Kellum Tice, N.P.