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We Offer Customized Occupational Medical Plans Tailored to Your Company's Needs

Occucare International (OI) provides medical service solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. OI is specialized in Medical Direction, providing medical guidance from the time of injury until they return to work. We are extremely flexible to global changes and can quickly adapt to our clients’ needs to support their initiatives throughout the world.

What Types of Occupational Health & Medical Services Do We Offer?

Clinical | Telemedicine | Corporate Medical Direction | Mobile Services | Offshore | Onsite Services | Training | Dept. of Defense | Travel Medicine | Emergency Response


OI’ s brick-n-mortar clinics offer several different services, including pre-employment assessments, DOT examinations, hazardous exposure evaluations, firefighter medical’s, department of defense deployment examinations...


Why Telemedicine?

• Avoid the hassles associated with going to a local clinic
• Avoid unnecessary exposure to infection when entering a medical facility
• Conservative care approach to all injuries
• Set-up appointments or walk-ins

Occucare International has developed cost-effective telemedicine capabilities, utilizing multiple technologies, to bring you and your employees live access to injury and illness care. 90% of all injuries and illnesses can be managed through telemedicine.

Corporate Medical Direction

OI provides medical risk management and direction for clients, across industries. This service includes 24/7 on-call occupational physicians for injury care recommendations and directives, injury management, medical supervision of all employee personnel, assistance with establishing, or providing oversight on medical protocols, peer-to-peer’s, as needed with treating doctors or specialist, medical record keeping and reporting, as well as, clinic vetting globally.

Mobile Services

Equipped with a 53-foot clinic 18-wheeler, an 8-booth audio trailer, and a 35-foot customizable trailer, OI may provide all of our clinical services at your job site.

Offshore Services

To support the offshore industry, OI provides necessary offshore certifications required for work as well as, telemedicine on offshore vessels or platforms, medical directives and protocols, and staffing assistance for onshore and offshore medical personnel.

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On-Site Services

For on-site or remote site medical assistance, OI offers many solutions, to include, assistance with staffing medical professionals, guidance on basic first aid administration, medical directives & protocols, 24-7 on-call physician services for medical personnel, substance abuse testing, annual evaluations, emergency response training, injury reporting, and record-keeping, assistance with providing medical supplies and equipment, safety meeting participation by OI providers, emergency vehicles, firefighter services, full functioning medical facilities, and telemedicine.


In-house, OI may provide professional training, to include, Heat Saver First Aid, CPR, AED, SCBA Fresh Air (Don/DOFF) Escape Use Only, and Step into Safety shoulder measurement training. Additionally, through our partnership with Compliance Safety may provide additional safety training upon request.

Dept. of Defense

OI specializes in medical guidelines set forth by all AOR’s, to include US CENT-COM. Common pre-deployment physicals that we offer include MOD13, AFRICOM, PACOM, SOUTHCOM, and EUCOM. Additionally, we may provide necessary vaccines, dental clearance, and panoramic X-rays necessary for deployment anywhere, globally. All on-site services may be applied to DOD sites and forward operating basis’.

Travel Medicine

Travel consultation may be provided on OI clinics. Consultation includes a review of the Center for Disease and Control recommendations for travel, administration of any necessary vaccines, assistance with providing medical supplies needed, as well as, medications, such as Malaria prevention.

Emergency Response

Occucare International is a worldwide elite emergency service provider dedicated to supporting and protecting our client’s employees and interests since 1980. Our experienced Emergency Response Team members have responded to all types of emergencies throughout many different industry sites including industrial refineries, pipelines, and marine facilities.

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We Are One of the Largest Providers of Occupational Health and Medical Services in the World

Our clients include Oil & Gas Companies, Government Contractors, Government Affiliates, Coast Guard, General Industrial, Construction Projects, and the Department of Defense.

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