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Daniel Foisie

Daniel Foisie

Executive V.P, C.O.O.

Executive Vice President /C.O.O. / Partner, Daniel Foisie grew up in Lawton Oklahoma and moved to Houston at the age of 17. With (30) plus years of experience, he is a recognized leader in the occupational medicine industry for successfully negotiating global contracts with the Department of Defense Contractors, Oil & Gas, construction, Security, transportation, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

Daniel has been with Occucare International for more than fifteen years, leading the company into substantial growth and global recognition.  Daniel also serves on the Board of Directors for our Dubai Joint venture affiliate, Occupational Health International and is responsible for OI growth into the Middle East, South East Asia, the Balkans, Europe, and Africa.

About Us

Established in 1980, Occucare International is an elite provider of occupational health services worldwide, with over 100,000 workers under our care.