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Medical Services & Solutions

As a provider of Occupational Health Services to major clients across multiple industries, Occucare International has the resources and flexibility to tailor services to meet your needs for worker care, either at your location or at one of our many locations worldwide.
occucare clinical service

Clinical Services

Custom Pre-Employment Exams | DOT Exams | Hazardous Exposure | Firefighter Medical’s | Department of Defense Deployment | Respiratory Fit Testing | Pulmonary Function Testing | Audiometric Testing | Substance Abuse Programs | Travel Consolations | Laboratory Testing | EKG & Stress Testing | Vaccine Administration | Vision Screening | Fitness Evaluations | Return to Work/Fit for Duty | After-hours injury Care | X-ray
occucare corporate medical directives

Global Corporate Medical Direction

24/7 On-Call Occupational Physicians | Injury Management | Medial Supervision of all Personnel | Medical Directives & Protocols | Peer-to-Peer’s | Medical Reporting | Medical Record Keeping |  Point of Origin scheduling and Review & Certification, Globally | Remote Site Medical Staffing and Supplies 

Occucare’s Dubai facility was designed to process up to 300 MOD13 physical assessments per day, and is open  24/7, 365 days per year.

occucare mobile services

Mobile Services

Full Clinic (53ft. 18-wheeler) Audio Booth | Full X-ray | Exam rooms | Laboratory station | Respiratory Fit Testing | Pulmonary Function Testing | EKG

8 Booth Audio Trailer | X-Ray Trailer

Customizable Multi-configuration (35ft. trailer) X-ray | Exam Rooms | Laboratory Station | Respiratory Fit Testing | Pulmonary Function Testing | EKG
occucare offshore services

Offshore Services

  • Certifications: OGUK (Oil & Gas UK) | DMA (Danish Maritime Authority) | Norwegian Medical Directorate | Panamanian | Republic of Vanuatu | Republic of Marshall Islands | Brazilian Offshore Certification | Liberian | USCG (United States Coast Guard) | Bahamas | PETRONAS
  • Dive Assessment’s | ADCI (Association of Diving Contractors International) | IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association)
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Directives & Protocols
  • Staff Offshore Medical Personnel
occucare on-site medical services

On-Site Service

Staff medical professionals | Basic first aid administration | Medical directives & protocols | 24/7 on-call services | On-site substance abuse testing | On-site annual evaluations | Emergency Response Training | Injury reporting/record keeping | All medical supplies/equipment | Safety meetings & tool box talks | On-site medical emergency vehicle | On-site Fire Fighter services | Develop Onsite medical facility |  Telemedicine
occucare on-site medical services

Professional Training

  • Heart Saver First Aid/CPR/AED (American Heart Association)
  • SCBA Fresh Air Training DON/DOFF (Escape Use Only)
  • Step into Safety (Shoulder Measurement) “Train the Measurer”
occucare department of defense services

Department of Defense

We are experts in the medical guidelines set forth by all AOR’s and not just CENTCOM.

  • MOD13 Deployment Exams
  • Point of Origin Medical Scheduling
  • Point of Origin Medical Review & Clearance
  • Immunizations
  • MOD13 Deployment Exams
  • Dental Clearance & Panoramic X-ray
  • Site medical staffing and supplies
  • 24-hour certification turnaround for Fit applicants
Occucare’s Dubai facility was designed to process up to 300 MOD13 physical assessments per day, and is open 24/7, 365 days per year.
occucare on-site medical services

Travel Medicine

  • Travel Consultations
  • Travel Vaccines
  • Travel Supplies
  • Malaria Prevention
occucare immigration exams

Immigration Exams

Occucare may provide immigration physical exams, completed by a Board Certified Occupational Medicine physician, by appointment only. Please inquire on appointments and location: sales@occucareinternational.com
  • Hands-on Physical Exam
  • T-spot Test
  • Gonorrhea Test, ages 15 and older
  • RPR Test, ages 15 and older
  • Additional services may be added upon request

About Occucare Int'l

Established in 1980, Occucare International is an elite provider of occupational health services worldwide, with over 100,000 workers under our care. We care for workers locally, nationally, and abroad with medical service solutions tailored to your needs.

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We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.

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Our services are deployed around the world.

Occucare Leadership

Our Executive Team
Dr. Ricky McShane

Dr. Ricky McShane

Owner & Medical Director

Owner and Director of Occucare International, Dr. Ricky McShane has been practicing occupational medicine for over 20 years.

Daniel Foisie

Daniel Foisie

Executive V.P, C.O.O.

Executive Vice President /C.O.O. / Partner, Daniel Foisie grew up in Lawton Oklahoma and moved to Houston at the age of 17. With (30) plus years of ex

Dr. George Brown

Dr. George Brown

Medical Director

Dr. George grew up in Waller County, and was awarded a full academic scholarship from Prairie View A&M University.

Julie Gann

Julie Gann

Chief Financial Officer

Julie joined our staff in October 1997. She manages Occucare’s accounting department and oversees all financial reporting, planning and analysis.


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About Us

Established in 1980, Occucare International is an elite provider of occupational health services worldwide, with over 100,000 workers under our care.